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Here at Garden Society, we live and breathe beautiful plants and gardens, and love sharing our knowledge with our gardening community.

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“Garden” speaks for itself, but why “Society”?

Lyndall Keating wanted a name for her company that reflected her passion for horticulture and how she likes to approach her projects:

“I encourage our clients to get involved in the design process and discuss their needs, so they don’t feel like observers in their own garden projects.

We also form long term relationships with many of our garden owners where we design their gardens and then take on their garden maintenance.

As gardens grow, and the need of our clients and their families change, we adapt their gardens to suit. So it’s a team effort. We share a lot of horticultural and plant knowledge along the way, so I wanted a business name to reflect the inclusive nature of the work we do.

A ‘society’ is a group of people with a shared mutual interest, so “Garden Society” seemed the perfect name for our business.”

Lyndall Keating

Founder, Garden Society