Garden Design Services

Design from the Ground up or Improve an Existing Garden.

Would you like to improve your garden’s outdoor facilities? Maybe your garden design doesn’t enhance your property, suit your lifestyle or reflect your personal style. Does your garden need a makeover before you sell your property?

Planning a Garden for Your Lifestyle

The right garden design can have a huge impact on how you use and enjoy your outdoor space. Realising your garden’s full potential can even increase the overall value of your property, so gardens should be carefully planned.

Everyone who uses your garden will look for something different. However, those needs may evolve over time, for example, as children grow older. With careful planning, it is possible to future proof your garden so it adapts easily to changing uses.

Understanding how to provide those needs, whilst working with a garden’s environmental conditions, is the key to designing a garden that will give you and your family joy for years to come.

Our Design Process

When developing a garden design we always consider the following :

  • Your Needs : Our starting point is always understanding what you need from your garden, and how much time and interest you have in maintaining your garden.
  • Your Garden’s Environment : Every design we create respects the style of property and the environmental and climatic conditions of your garden.
  • Balancing Beauty and Function : Our creative planting schemes weave beauty through a garden’s functional elements to give the perfect harmony of colour, balance and structure.
  • Soft Landscaping Elements : In addition to giving you plant interest through flowering plants, shrubs or evergreen foliage, we often incorporate ‘soft landscaping’ features into our designs. Soft landscaping can include containers, lighting and water features, and even outdoor art pieces.

Our Garden Design Services


Full or Partial Re-Designs

Garden Society is happy to take a design brief for a full garden, or only for the parts that you would like to change.

By the end of the design process, you will have a garden that you love spending time in, which enhances your property, and even has features that reflect your personality and style.


Our Promise

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional personal service and commitment to your project.

We know how important this garden is to you and we will be with you from inception to completion.


How It Works

Step 1: The garden design consultation

We visit your site, listen to what you need, and discuss your design preferences. You may have some ideas already or prefer us to suggest concept ideas for your space. There is a one-off charge for a 1 hour garden design consultation, and design proposal. If we install your new garden for you, this fee will be subtracted from the installations project’s final invoice amount.

Step 2: The design brief

This document outlines all the elements of a landscaping design project that we must consider, such as:

  1. Basic environmental conditions of your garden. (For this, we will need to do a survey, take measurements, and examine your site’s soil.)
  2. Key features that your new garden must have.

We send you the design brief, and ask you to read it to make sure that we have correctly understood what you want from your project. After we have all agreed on the project specifications, we move onto preparing your design proposal.

Step 3: The design proposal

This is where we provide you with our tailored solution. The design proposal comes in 2 parts:-
Part 1 – Garden design plans and drawings:

  1. Detailed landscape construction drawings.
  2. Specifications for landscaping materials.
  3. Detailed planting plan showing the types and sizes of plants we recommend.
  4. Soft landscaping elements.

Part 2 – Installation costs and schedule:

  1. Estimated time-frame to complete the work.
  2. All costs involved and a sample of the contract and payment schedule.

If your project requires a development application, one of our qualified and experienced landscape architects will prepare the drawings. Costs will be included in the proposal.