Horticultural Services

Plant Advice from a Horticultural Expert

What is a Horticulturist?

A horticulturist is a trained professional who has expert knowledge about plant biology, cultivation, pests, diseases and plant care.

Professional horticulturists usually have a scientific qualification or certification from a professional body. You will find them in many fields related to plants, including domestic gardens, agriculture and environmental management.

In residential gardens, horticultural experts often work alongside landscape architects, exterior designers, arborists and landscape builders to provide specialist plant recommendations, design plans and carry out installation work.

What Will a Horticulturist do for You?

If you are building a garden from the ground up, a horticultural consultant can help you by recommending beautiful, interesting plants that suit your space location and soil.

If you are changing or updating your existing planting scheme, a horticulturist can turn your general needs and planting ideas into practical solutions.

At Garden Society, we often give you several approaches to consider which are manageable for your lifestyle and budget.

Our Plant and Horticultural Services


Plant and Horticultural Consultations

Garden Society offers a 1 hour horticultural consultation service, throughout the Sydney Metropolitan area, including:

  • On-site review of your garden
  • Soil analysis
  • Pest and disease analysis
  • Horticultural report containing our tailored planting and garden care recommendations.

We can also design your garden, if you need it.


Your Horticultural Report

A horticultural report is a customised gardening lesson, tailored to your garden:

1. Garden design brief
  • Changes we propose
  • Container and pot styles
2. Planting recommendations
  • Planting styles
  • Suggested plants
  • Correct turf-grass choices
  • Suitable soils and mulches
  • Planning and design of irrigation systems
3. Design and planting costs
  • General estimate of the likely costs
4. Recommendations for ongoing garden maintenance
  • Hand watering and irrigation schedules
  • Lawn care techniques and schedules
  • Pruning techniques and schedules
  • Pest & disease prevention techniques
  • Seasonal fertilisation schedules

Options After Consultation

You can use your horticultural report to do the work yourself, or we can do it for you:

1. You do the work - planting plans

If you are a hands-on gardener we can provide you with an additional, fully developed ‘Planting Plan’ which can include:

  • Plant recommendations
  • Plant positioning advice
  • Advice about colour palettes, texture and form for your garden

You can use this plan to carry out the changes yourself. This way, you get a professional looking garden without the normal high price tag.

2. We do the work - planting quotation

If you would like us to carry out the horticultural recommendations for you, we will give you a full, accurate quotation. When we do the work, your horticultural consultation fee will be deducted from the final cost of the completed contract.