Residential Garden Services

Horticultural Advice, Garden Design and Maintenance for Home Owners

Many of our clients contact us because they :

  • Don’t have time to maintain their garden
  • Don’t enjoy gardening
  • Need to sell a property for maximum profit, quickly
  • Want something different from their garden
  • Don’t know where to start – need advice to get started.
  • Limited budget, don’t know how best to spend it

Our Services for Residential Gardens


Horticultural Advice

A qualified, experienced horticulturist will provide you with expert advice about plants and other horticultural issues in your garden:

  • Sick or unhappy plants.
  • Garden pest and disease.
  • Irrigation issues.
  • Weed control issues.
  • Best use of your planting budget.
  • Planting plans for keen gardeners.


Planting & Installation

We will source your plants and soft landscaping materials and our expert team will install them in your garden:

  1. Supply of best quality plants and containers sourced from reputable Australian growers and wholesalers.
  2. Planting work.
  3. Soft landscaping installation (eg paths, water features, irrigation systems).


Garden Design

We provide creative garden design ideas and recommendations for:

  1. Garden layouts.
  2. Garden designs to blend with particular property styles.
  3. Planting schemes.
  4. Suitable plants, soils and mulches.
  5. Containers, water features and other soft landscaping elements.


Garden Maintenance

We maintain your garden so that you don’t have to. Garden services including grass cutting, hedge cutting, pruning, weeding, irrigation and more:

  • One-off garden clearing.
  • Seasonal rejuvenation sessions.
  • Regular garden maintenance programmes.